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Our Mission

Our mission is to make the process of purchasing equipment accessible and flexible from the moment of placing an order to its delivery. Make the most of your equipment.


All included technical production

for every event


Stages, Roofs, Trusses, Scaffolding,

Chain hoists, Sound, Lighting,
LED Screens, Power, etc.


Integration of professional audiovisual technologies


Design, development, production and installation of scenery.


Sale and service of stage solutions.

+48 537 229 227

Our Story

The history of the company is the history of each of us, and it began long before we got together. Each of us served his own calling. Someone assembled beautiful and reliable stage structures for events and filming. Someone developed markets and implemented trading strategies. Someone devoted all the time to the systematic building of partnerships and methodical market research.

A wealth of experience has taught us to turn even the most unremarkable venues into dizzying spaces filled with play of light and bright colours.

The synergy of our skills has allowed us to create the best products and services for you. And we are confident in their relevance and innovation.

Our employees provide support for the transaction from the start of production to the end of the life of the equipment.


Our priority is always quality, both in the choice of products and in the warranty and post-warranty service.


We understand every detail and specifics of your business, so we always find the best solutions and conditions to meet your needs.


Our values:

- Respect and attentiveness

- Partnership and friendship

- Customer focus

-  Speed ​​reaction

- Transparency of pricing

- Respect for the law


Experienced Leadership

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