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Welcome to our "Projects" section – the space where we proudly showcase our most impressive and creative works in stage equipment. Our company offers innovative and stylized solutions for events of any scale, providing the highest quality and a professional approach to each project.

Projects featuring our stages:


Music Festivals

Our stages have become an integral part of many music festivals, creating an atmosphere that remains in participants' memories for years. The high strength and aesthetics of our constructions allow for captivating stage setups for any music genre.

Corporate Events

Our stages are perfect for corporate events and business conferences. Innovative designs enable the creation of effective and stylish platforms for presentations and performances.


Theatrical Productions

We believe the stage is the heart of any theatrical performance. Our stage constructions allow for creating captivating and magical scenes for any script.


Exhibition Projects

We collaborate with exhibition organizers, providing stages and stage equipment for stands and exhibition spaces. Our solutions enable the creation of effective and stylish areas for showcasing products and services.

We take pride in each of our projects and are always open to new challenges. With us, you'll receive high-quality stage equipment and a partnership to achieve your unique vision. Reach out to us; together, we'll make your events distinctive and unforgettable.

ETKO Concert Hall / Cyprus



Straight Roof / Qatar



Expo Hall / Ukraine



ARC Roof / Poland



Exhibition booth / Poland


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